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       Application of Hydraulic Pressing Equipment (Isostatic Press)


      I. Equipment and process

      The isostatic pressing process is to put the product in a closed container and apply equal pressure to the product from different directions to shape and densify the product under high pressure, so the product will have high strength and wear resistance. Isostatic pressing includes cold isostatic pressing and warm isostatic pressing. For cold isostatic pressing, the working temperature in the high pressure chamber is room temperature. For warm isostatic pressing, the working temperature in the high pressure chamber can be up to 200oC to shape powder under high temperature. With the advancement of science and technology, isostatic press is increasingly widely used for the prototype manufacturing of high temperature fire-proof material, ceramics, hard alloy, rare earth permanent magnet, carbon material and metal powder. It can be used to press spray nozzle, module and crucible in refractory material industry, hard alloy and graphite parts, ceramic insulator, as well as pipeline, ferrite and metal filter in chemical industry. Cold isostatic press can also be used in such fields as food preservation and biological pharmacy. 

      Features of isostatic pressing process:

      1. Blanking using isostatic pressing achieves high and even tightness, low firing shrinkage, not prone to deformation. 
      2. Form rod-shaped or tubular pressed compact that can hardly be made by regular molding process. 
      3. The products have high strength and favorable processability, greatly reducing internal stress. 
      4. The mould features easy fabrication, long service life and lower cost. 
      5. Form big sized pressed compacts. Each cylinder can press multiple pressed compacts.

      The pressure signal of isostatic press is detected by SENEX high pressure transmitter, controlled and processed by the set program to precisely control the pressure rising, maintaining and relief processes during production. SENEX’s high performance pressure transmitters ensure the production of high quality products, winning favorable comments from numerous equipment manufacturers and end users.

      II. Major technical specifications:

      Measuring medium   Hydraulic oil, water 
      Measuring range     Gauge pressure of 100~250Mpa
      Output signal     4~20mADC (two-wire system) 0~10VDC, 0~5VDC, 1~5VDC (three-wire system)
      Supply voltage       9~36VDC (two-wire system), 24±5VDC (three-wire system)
      Accuracy          Class 1.0, class 0.5, class 0.25 (composite errors including nonlinear, repeatability and lag errors)
      Shell material       304 or 316 stainless steel
      Installation method   Thread installation
      Pressure connection  M20×1.5, M12×l male thread, etc. 
      Electrical connection  Four-core shielded cable(IP65 protection level), DIN connector

      III. Applications

      (1) Cold isostatic press:
      Φ1250/5000-145MPa axial separation medium dual-medium pressure relief cold isostatic press (as shown in Fig. 1)
      Φ1250/4200-145MPa radial separation dual-medium pressure relief cold isostatic press of Dalian Insulator Group (as shown in Fig. 2)

      (2) Warm isostatic press:

      Warm isostatic press(as shown in Fig. 3): The temperature of the working medium is 80-200℃. Currently it is primarily used electronic ceramics industry.

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