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       Application in Petrochemical Industry

      I. Introduction

      A lot of pressure transmitters are needed in control system of petrochemical industry, such as pipe pressure measurement and storage tank liquid level measurement. The pressure transmitter produced by Senex adopts wholly stainless steel sealing, with good moisture-proof performance and outstanding medium compatibility. The flameproof pressure transmitter produced by Senex has passed verification made by national quality supervision and inspection center of flameproof electrical products, thus suitable to be used in various explosive gases.  

      II. Major technical specifications

      Measuring medium    High purity hydrogen or mixed gas with a high hydrogen content;
      Measuring range      Gauge pressure 0~-0.1MPa to 0~250MPa
      Output signal       4~20mADC (two-wire system) 0~10VDC, 0~5VDC, l~5VDC (three-wire system)
      Supply voltage          9~36VDC (two-wire system), 24±5VDC (three-wire system)
      Accuracy               Class 1.0, class 0.5, class 0.25 (composite errors including nonlinear, repeatability and lag errors)
      Pressure connection       M20×1.5, M12×l, Gl/4, Gl/2 male thread, etc.
      Electrical connection       Four-core shielded cable (IP68 protection level), DIN connector
      Flameproof type:        intrinsically safe iaI, iaIICT4 and iaIIBT4; flameproof dI and dIICT6

      III. Application—ground blowout preventing device

      The ground blowout control system is a special device for controlling hydraulic pressure blowout preventer and the hydraulic kill valve switch. As an indispensable device for ensuring safe operation in oilfield, it is mainly used to control the open and close of well-head blowout preventer set and the blowout preventing valve to avoid blowout during well drilling and repairing. 
      The ground blowout preventing system consists of four parts, the remote console, the driller's console, the control cable and the connecting pipe fitting respectively. The remote console mainly consists of the accumulator group, the pressure controlled valve, the directional valve, the pressure controller and the pressure transmitter. The pump set fills oil into the accumulator group to store the hydraulic pressure in the accumulator. When the pressure reaches the set value, the pump set stops automatically. When the blowout preventer needs to be turned off or on, the directional valve can be remote controlled to transmit oil flow to the hydraulic cylinder of the blowout preventer, thus turning off or on the blowout preventer. When the stored energy pressure of remote console drops to a certain extent, the pump set automatically starts and the hydraulic pressure is full. The blowout preventer can be turned off urgently at anytime.     

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