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       Application in Air Compressor Industry


      I. Production: 

      DG series standard and universal pressure transmitters adopt high precision, high stability elastic sensitive diaphragm, sophisticated encapsulation technology and mature assembly technology which ensures the outstanding quality and best performance of the product. They are especially suitable for air compressor to monitor and control air pressure. The user can choose “standard” products or more economic “popularized” products.

      II. Technical Specifications:

      Measuring medium    Various liquid, gas or steam that is compatible with 316 stainless steel
      Measuring range         Standard type Gauge pressure of 0~0.01MPa to 0~250MPa, absolute pressure of 0~0.1MPa to 0~250MPa, and vacuum of 0~-0.1MPa
                                              Popularized type 0~1MPa 0~3MPa 0~10MPa 0~30MPa 0~40MPa 0~60MPa
      Output signal                Standard type 4~20mADC (two-wire system) 0~10VDC, 0~5VDC, l~5VDC (three-wire system)
                                               Popularized type 4~20mADC (two-wire system)
      Supply voltage              9~36VDC (two-wire system), 24±5VDC (three-wire system)
      Accuracy                         Standard type Class 1.0, class 0.5, class 0.25(composite errors including nonlinear, repeatability and lag errors) 
                                               Popularized type Class 1.0 (composite errors including nonlinear, repeatability and lag errors)
      Installation method        Thread installation
      Pressure connection      Standard type M20×1.5, M12×l, Gl/4, Gl/2 male thread, etc.
                                                 Popularized type M20×1.5 male thread
      Electrical connection      Standard type Four-core shielded cable (IP65 protection level), circular connector, DIN connector
                                                 Popularized type Four-core shielded cable (IP65 protection level)
      III. Applications:
      Screw air compressor (as shown below):

      High efficiency frequency converter:
      It keeps the compressor in the best status of running; completely lives up to standard of electromagnetic compatibility.

      (1)Functions and principles:
      Intelligent electronic controller ES3000 controls loading/unloading automatically, which means when the machine reaches rated pressure, the compressor will be unloaded. When the system pressure is lower than the set value, the machine will be immediately re-loaded. The controller will also choose the best automatic shutdown time intellectually after unloading, thus saving energy. Meanwhile, it ensures the follows:   

      •  After breakdown, when the system pressure is lower than the set value, the machine will be restarted immediately. 
      •  It doesn’t exceed the upper limit of start times every hour. 
      •  The screw mainframe absorbs the air in the low temperature area, increasing compressing effect and lowering energy consumption. 

      Technical flow chart:

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