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      Application in Unmanned and Oil Well Remote Monitoring System


      I. Principle of the digital Pressure Gauge

      The digital pressure gauge has the function of high-precision pressure measuring and high reliability, with adoption of software/hardware micro power consumption design philosophy. Its supply voltage can be as low as 9V. The output signal can be 0
      5V or 15V. FSTN full view segment code liquid crystal is adopted, with clear reading. Digital pressure gauges are mainly used for calibrating ordinary pressure gauges or other pressure instruments. They can also be widely used for precise pressure measurement. It is an updated product of domestic pointer pressure gauges.
      The digital pressure gauge consists of a power supply circuit, a small signal amplifying circuit, a digital to analog conversion circuit, a temperature acquisition circuit, a signal chip, a key input circuit, an analog to digital conversion circuit and a LCD circuit. The weak voltage signal output from the core is amplified to a moderate range and input into the analog to digital conversion module to get relevant data. After that, it is processed by the signal chip and transmits the temperature data acquired into the signal chip through digital to analog display module and LCD module for reference. Besides, after some key has been pressed, the key input circuit transmits the key information into the single chip which will start to execute corresponding programs.

      This product lives up to the following standards:
      JB/T 7392-2006 Digital Pressure Gauge
      JJG 875-2005 Regulations of Digital Pressure Gauge Test

      II. Technical specifications

      1. Accuracy: superior to class 0.1
      2. Hysteresis error: not larger than the absolute value of limit of intrinsic error
      3. Repetitiveness: not larger than the absolute value of limit of intrinsic error
      4. Stability: not larger than the absolute value of limit of intrinsic error
      5. Zero drift: not larger than 1/2 of the absolute value of limit of intrinsic error within 1h.
      6. Indicating value fluctuation: not larger than 1/3 of the absolute value of limit of intrinsic error
      7. Insulating resistance: when the test voltage is 100V, the insulating voltage shall not be lower than 20MΩ
      8. Insulating strength: No breakdown under frequency of 50 HZ and 500V sinusoidal AC voltage. 9. Pressure type: gauge voltage and absolute voltage
      10. Overload pressure: When the pressure is lower than 150MPa, take 2 times of full range; when the pressure is higher than 150MPa, take 300MPa.
      11. Range of temperature compensation: -30
      12. Range: 0
      13. Output signal: with LCD, 0-5V or 1-5V voltage signal output
      14. Supply voltage: 6

      III. Equipment site photo:

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