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    HOT LINE :800-830-2041
    Customer Service



    Service philosophy: customer and credit first

    I. Free maintenance within warranty period
    Our company will provide free maintenance for any quality problem of the product within warranty period.
    Warranty period is one year as of the date of delivery.

    II. Life-long maintenance
    We’ll provide life-long maintenance for faulty products out of warranty period and within statutory exemptions, only charging maintenance cost and product transportation fee.

    III. Maintenance in limited time period
    Within three working days since receiving the faulty products from clients, we’ll report the fault reason analysis, liability, maintenance cost (products out of warranty period and within statutory exemptions) and maintenance deadline. 
    Faulty products will be repaired and repaired products will be sent to the client within the following time periods since the client has confirmed he has no objection to reason analysis, liability, maintenance cost or maintenance deadline and confirmed maintenance.

    A. Slight fault—5 working days
    B. Ordinary fault—10 working days
    C. Serious fault—15 working days

    IV. Warranty period of repaired products
    The warranty period of repaired products is 6 months as of the date of delivery.

    V. Statutory exemptions

    Within the warranty period, product faults caused by human factors or force majeure are out of the scope of free maintenance: 
    1. Faults caused by misoperation of the clients;
    2. Clients repair and change modify the product by themselves;
    3. The product appearance is badly damaged, the product label is lost and the product source cannot be identified;
    4. Earthquake, water flood, fire and other natural disasters which lead to product damage; 
    5. Other human factors.

    VI. Application scope

    This Product Maintenance Regulations is only applicable for products produced by our company.

    Notes: for any special requirements, please feel easy to contact with Senex!
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